Neer Jharna – Neer Garh Best Waterfall in Rishikesh

Neer Ghar Waterfall is the real beauty of nature as this is a natural waterfall in Rishikesh with the lush greenery around it. This waterfall is also called as Neer Jharna or Neer Gaddu Waterfall. This is a peaceful place where you can easily hear the voice of water coming from the waterfall.

Neer Waterfall Rishikesh

How to Reach Neergarh Waterfall in Rishikesh

Neer Jharna is about 5 km from the Laxman Jhulla Bridge and 9 km from the Rishikesh Railway Station. It is about 15 minutes of trek reaching to the Neer Jharna from the Rishikesh road which is Highway 7, also known as Rishikesh-Badrinath Highway or Karprayag-Haridwar Road.

Entry Point of Neer Waterfall - Adventure in Rishikesh
Entry Point of Neer Waterfall

Many people use their own vehicle, cars or taxis to reach to the waterfall from the entry point (where you buy ticket for the waterfall). But if you are young and can walk easily, this 15-minute trek can you can an amazing experience of walking through the woods, greenery, hearing to the birds chirping, feeling of the fresh air. And as soon as you reach near to the Neer Waterfall, you can also hear the sound coming from the waterfall.

Parking at Neer Jharna - Rishikesh Nature Beauty
Parking at Neer Jharna

Once you reach to the waterfall point (where you can park your car or vehicle), there is a small Jharna flowing which gives an awesome feeling of refreshens.

Small Jharna flowing at Neer Waterfall - Peaceful Rishikesh Getaway
Small Jharna flowing at Neer Waterfall

The waterfall is on some height, but it’s easy to go there. The only caution is don’t hurry, take small steps with care. Even children can also go. There is a small bridge on the Jharna/waterfall from where visitors can take pictures of the waterfall.

Neer Waterfall Small Bridge - Picturesque Neer Jharna
Neer Waterfall Small Bridge

This waterfall is visited by many foreign tourists as well. Having a shower under this waterfall is amazing. The water is clean, you won’t even like to come out of it and can easily spend 1-2 hours on this place.

Refreshing Water of Neer Waterfall - Majestic Rishikesh Waterfall
Refreshing Water of Neer Waterfall

Picnic at Neer Garh Waterfall, Rishikesh

Neer Garh Waterfall is also a small picnic place where you can enjoy a lot with you friends and family. Carry a small mat and some easy to carry food items and have a great time there.

Food and Snacks at Neer Garh Waterfall, Rishikesh

There are small food stalls near the waterfall where you can enjoy Tea with Noodles/Maggie. These are very small stalls so you can’t expect any good food or snacks. Water, biscuits and chips will be available on these stalls.

Snacks and Tea at Neer Waterfall
Snacks and Tea at Neer Waterfall

Neer Waterfall Entry Ticket

  • Foreigner: 50 Rupees
  • Indian Nationals: 30 Rupees
  • Children: 20 Rupees

Neergarh Waterfall Timing

Daily: 8:00am – 6:00pm
If you don’t like too much crowd, then come early in the morning around 8:00 am and enjoy the experience.

Neer Jharna Swimming Rishikesh - Neer Garh Waterfall Scenic View

Best Time to Visit Neergarh Waterfall, Rishikesh

The best time to visit Neer Jharna is in summers from April to September. At this time the water is very refreshing and cool. You can easily enjoy for 1-2 hours under the Jharna.

Don’t visit the Neer Jharna in winters or monsoon season as the water of Neer Jharna remains very chilled in winter and in monsoon the path to reach the Jharna gets slippery.

Hotels Near Neer Jharna

A good number of stay options are available near the Jharna. Within 4-5 kms of range you can find some budget hotels, 4 star and 5-star hotels as well from where the other places to visit in Rishikesh are also easily accessible like Lakshman Jhula, Ram Jhula etc.

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