HORHO – A Travel Guide

HORHO is a Tours and Travel blog introduced by a lady, who always dreams to travel; wants to experience the beauty of nature – sharing the popular travel destinations, Holiday, Honeymoon and Historical places of India. Get a complete tour of Sightseeing places in India, Popular Beaches of India, National Parks in India and all in one Travel information of Popular Tourist Cities and States of India.

Dreams Don’t Care!

Yes, it’s true. Dreams don’t care. It was actually a dream that I started this Travel blog in 2019. I used to travel with my husband and was very fond of taking pictures. One day, on our trip to Shimla he told me “why do you always keep yourself busy taking pics of Nature, Greenery, Places, etc. instead of enjoying the place”. It actually knocked me, why do I take these pictures instead of taking selfies or taking pictures with my husband. From there, I could come to know my passion and started putting everything in words about the places, monuments, wildlife sanctuaries etc. And of course, my pictures helped explain my words and give my blogs a living.

Mostly, I try to use my own clicked pictures on my posts. Sometimes, taking pictures from other sites and mentioning the source as well.

About Horho Travel

This blog is part of my hobby, which has come out of my travel experiences and my passion for writing. By profession, I am a Digital Marketing expert who equally loves her job and is always ready to take on challenges in my work. No doubt, my knowledge of Digital Marketing helped me create this blog with ease as I know a lot of technicalities and marketing expertise which I could use to create my HorhoTravel.com.

My Readers: I would love to hear your thoughts about this blog and any improvements that you wish to suggest. Please share with me!