KidZania Noida – Kids Amusement and Indoor Theme Park

KidZania is one, but it solves multiple purposes – it’s a family entertainment & indoor theme park which offers a lot of fun activities for kids. This child-friendly city is completely safe for children where all important safety measures are taken care for kids. If you are looking for fun learning for children and want cultural exploration for kids, KidZania entertainment city is the answer for you.

Children Learning Center Kidzania Delhi NCR

KidZania is also called the edutainment park and children’s learning center. Different types of role-play activities, interactive learning, real-world simulation, career & cultural exploration for kids, real-life role-play are the part of this fun and education city.

KidZania: Where Fun Meets Learning in Delhi-NCR

KidZania, located in the heart of Entertainment City (Noida) within The GIP Mall, is a unique and interactive theme park designed to engage children in a fun, educational, and immersive experience. As India’s second edutainment park of its kind, KidZania offers a one-of-a-kind adventure for kids aged 1 to 16 years.

PARLE Biscuits Bakery at KidZania Noida

KidZania Noida, A City of Learning and Play

Imagine a city scaled down to kid-friendly proportions, covering an area equivalent to seven Olympic-sized swimming pools, and you have KidZania. This city within a city is meticulously designed to help kids understand the complexities of running a community.

Kidzania Noida Learning & Play for Children

Interactive Learning Through Role-Play with KidZania in Delhi NCR

KidZania encourages kids to take on various roles, from pilots and surgeons to chefs and detectives. It’s a life-like platform where children can grasp essential concepts like choosing professions, managing finances, and running an economy.

Unique Experiences Await at KidZania Kids Park

Unique Experiences Await at KidZania Kids PThe park is divided into various zones, each offering a unique experience that introduces children to diverse cultures, professions, entertainment, and cuisine. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, KidZania is one of the most popular family entertainment concepts globally.

Learning Beyond Rides and Games in KidZania Theme Park

KidZania isn’t your typical amusement park with rides and video games. It’s a place where education meets entertainment. Here, children have the opportunity to engage in over 100 role-playing activities, learning life skills that will benefit them for years to come.

KidZania TVS Station for Bikes & Cars-Ride for Children
KidZania TVS Station for Bikes & Cars Ride for Children

A Glimpse of KidZania Delhi NCR

The Delhi-NCR KidZania facility is a massive 96,000 sq. ft. in size, where children can explore over 100 real-life professions, including pilots, surgeons, animators, chefs, and more. The park replicates the functioning of a real city, complete with an economy and its currency.

Safety of Children in KidZania Edutainment Park

KidZania prioritizes the safety of its young visitors. The indoor park is temperature-controlled with top-tier air monitoring and filtration systems. Child safety measures are meticulously integrated into every aspect of KidZania to ensure it meets the highest global standards.

Global Presence of KidZania Indoor Theme Park

KidZania is a worldwide phenomenon, with indoor theme parks in 24 cities across 19 countries. It’s a place where learning and fun go hand in hand, preparing children for a brighter future.

KidZania: Children’s Learning Center

KidZania provides children with an authentic, real-world experience that fosters autonomy, creativity, decision-making skills, problem-solving, and social values. This innovative approach helps kids explore different careers, understand the world of work, and learn how to manage money.

Fun Learning for Children with KidZania

Visit KidZania Delhi-NCR for a day of immersive learning and entertainment. It’s a world of fun that’s much more than just rides and video games. KidZania offers a city of endless opportunities and unforgettable experiences for your child.

Fire Safety Learning for Kids at KidZania
Fire Safety Learning for Kids

KidZania, A Progressive Family Entertainment Concept

KidZania is a family entertainment concept that’s taking the world by storm. With locations in 24 cities across 19 countries, it’s redefining how fun and learning are intertwined, preparing the younger generation for a better world.

Activities for Kids in KidZania

Here is the list of professional activities that relate to different types of careers and children can have the hands-on experience of how these professions work.


Kids can role-play as firefighters. They can learn about fire safety, and put out “fires” using scaled-down fire engines and equipment.

Fir Station Learning for Children
Fire Station Learning for Children

Doctor or Nurse

Children can experience what it’s like to be a doctor or nurse, examining patients and learning about healthcare.


Kids can “fly” airplanes and experience being a pilot in a realistic cockpit simulator.

Pilot Training at Kidzania
Pilot Training at KidZania

Police Officer

Children can take on the role of a police officer, learn about law enforcement, and participate in activities such as traffic safety.


In the culinary area, kids can prepare simple dishes, learning about food preparation and kitchen safety. Most interesting for children to learn how to bake Pizza.

Chicago Pizza Chef Training at Kidzania
Chef Training at KidZania

PARLE Biscuits Bakery KidZania

At PARLE Biscuits Bakery of KidZania, children learn about the ingredients used to make biscuits, mix the ingredients together to make dough, cut out the dough into different shapes, decorate the biscuits with icing and sprinkles, and bake the biscuits in the oven. In other words, they learn the entire biscuit-making process from scratch!

PARLE Biscuits making at KidZania
PARLE Biscuits making at KidZania

PARLE Candy Making Training

PARLE Candy Factory at KidZania
PARLE Candy Factory at KidZania

News Reporter

Kids can try their hand at being news reporters, reading scripts in front of a camera or conducting interviews.

News Reporter Training at KidZania
News Reporter Training at KidZania


In the bank, children can learn about financial transactions, such as depositing and withdrawing money.

Construction Worker

Children can experience construction work, building and painting structures.


Kids can become dentists, learning about oral hygiene and dental care.

Actor or Actress

At the theater, children can participate in acting and performing on a stage.

Car Mechanic

Kids can explore the workings of a car and perform simple maintenance tasks.

Delivery Driver

Children can drive small electric vehicles and make deliveries within the KidZania city.

Fashion Model or Designer

Kids can try on and model different outfits, or they can engage in designing and creating clothing.

Kids Fashion Performance at KidZania
Kids Fashion Performance at KidZania


In the science laboratory, children can conduct simple experiments and learn about various scientific concepts.


Children can dig for “artifacts” and learn about


Kids can experiment with photography and take pictures of different scenes.

Post Office Worker

Children can handle mail sorting and delivery.

TV Host

Kids can participate in TV show productions, hosting their own shows.


At the veterinary clinic, children can take care of and learn about the needs of various animal “patients.”

Waste Management Worker

Children can learn about recycling and waste management while performing activities related to cleaning and waste disposal.

Climbing Training

Kids at KidZania learn to rock climb, developing strength and courage with each step.

Climbing Heights KidZania
Climbing Heights KidZania

KidZania Dance Academy

Kidzania Dance Academy and bike license test for kids
KidZania Dance Academy

FAQs about KidZania Noida

What is the entry fee / ticket price for KidZania Noida?

  • Entry fee is different based on the number of hours you choose. You can buy the ticket for 3 hours, 5 hours or full day.
  • As soon as your ticket time over, you won’t be able to access the activities using your allotted card.
  • Also, the ticket price is different for toddlers, kids, adults and senior citizens.

KidZania (Delhi NCR) Ticket Price for Weekends and Public Holidays

Ticket price KidZania on weekends and public holidays

KidZania (Delhi NCR) Ticket Price for Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

KidZania Ticket Price on weekdays

You can also book your ticket online from KidZania’s official website at

What are the KidZania Noida Timings?

KidZania Noida opens everyday from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. You can reach any time between this and buy your ticket. But make sure you reach at least 3 hours before the closing time, as less than this will not worth to visit KidZania. Your child won’t be able to explore much in this educational zone.

Is food included in KidZania Noida ticket price?

Ticket price that you pay before entry in KidZania activities’ zone is only the entry ticket price, that does not include any food. To enjoy food at KidZania, you have to pay separately for the food items that you order.

How do you spend money on KidZania?

You get about 50 kidZos, the official currency of KidZania to spend inside the edutainment park. You can use this currency to do all types of activities within KidZania. From some of the activities, you can also earn more kidZos, which can be further used on more activities.

Can you take photos in KidZania?

KidZania has no restrictions on taking photos or making videos/reels etc. You can freely use your mobile phone or even cameras to take photos.

Can parents go inside KidZania?

Parents can either sit at the Parents’ Lounge while their kids are enjoying the activities. Or if you want to be with your kids, you have to buy your ticket to enter in KidZania’s activities’ zone. Parents ticket is almost half to the kids, but parents don’t get kidZos to play or perform activities there.

How many activities can you do at KidZania?

KidZania in India offers about 60+ role playing activities.

Can we leave kids alone in KidZania?

Yes, KidZania is completely kids friendly and safe for children. They can enjoy/learn easily without parents as there are guides at each KidZania activity station. Parents can sit in the Parents’ Lounge if they want.

Is 3 hours enough in KidZania Delhi NCR?

3 hours may not be enough for children to go through all the activities at KidZania. If your child has a stamina and passion to learn new things, you should go for at least 5 hours slot or full day.

Which Metro Station is nearest to KidZania?

Noida sector-18 metro station, which is on Blue Line is the nearest metro station to KidZania Noida. It’s only 1.5 km form KidZania entertainment & education city. Once you go down at Sector-18, Noida metro station, you can take Auto-rickshaw or cab to reach to KidZania fun city.

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