How to Plan your Trip to Srinagar?

Plan your trip to Srinagar Hill Station

You must have visited India’s popular hill stations but if you didn’t travel to Srinagar yet, you actually missed something. Srinagar is among the top 10 hill stations of India. Srinagar has beautiful lakes and scenic parks and gardens which amuse visitors from their hearts. This hill station is also called “Paradise on Earth”, as you can’t compare its beauty with any other hill station in India.

Srinagar Sightseeing Places
Srinagar Sightseeing

If you are a Nature lover, Peace lover, or have been fed up with your city life; Traveling to Srinagar should be on your priority list. A trip to this most scenic hill station can revaluate you again.

Plan an Amazing Trip to Srinagar

Let’s find out the important things that you must know before you plan your trip to Srinagar, the ‘Switzerland of India’.

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Best Time to Visit Srinagar

There are three important seasons when you can visit Srinagar.

Summer Season in Srinagar

Summer season of traveling to Srinagar is best if you are living in a city with hot waves and high temperatures in Summers. The temperature remains between 15°C to 30°C in Srinagar from March to June. This is the ideal temperature for sightseeing even in the afternoon. In the Summer season, the entire valley bloom with a variety of beautiful flowers.

Summer Season in Srinagar
Flowers in Summer Season in Srinagar

Monsoon Season in Srinagar

If you love rain, the Monsoon season in Srinagar from July and September is the best time for you to visit. At this time, the temperature remains between 13°C to 17°C. Your visit to Srinagar in Monsoon season can give you a great experience.

Monsoon Season in Srinagar
Monsoon and Rain Fall in Srinagar

Winter Season in Srinagar

The winters are very cold in Srinagar. But if you want to experience snow, the Winter season from October to February is the best time to visit Srinagar, when the temperature remains between -2°C To 12°C.

Snowfall Time in Srinagar
Snowfall Time in Srinagar

Things to Carry with you – Srinagar Trip

If you are planning your trip in winter, make sure to keep winter clothes and other essentials with you that mentioned in the below list from 1 to 7. Rest of the list is common for all the seasons.

  1. Padded and hooded jacket
  2. Moisturiser/ cold cream
  3. Warm and ankle-high shoes
  4. Thermal wears
  5. Sweaters
  6. Mufflers, caps and gloves
  7. Thermos
  8. Sunglasses/ sunscreen
  9. Torch
  10. Medicine kit
  11. Carry a power bank, extra memory card and waterproof camera bag
  12. Carry Identity Proof (Original, No photocopies)
  13. Carry sufficient cash
  14. Carry a small bag with you

Things To Do in Srinagar

Shikara Rides in Srinagar

Shikaras in Srinagar is the part of the daily commute for the locals. Apart from this Shikaras are popular among travelers as well who visit Srinagar to explore its beauty. Shikaras are wooden boats that are well decorated in a traditional design. These boats look so beautiful while floating in the lakes and provide an immense pleasure of experiencing the scenic beauty around.

Shikara Rides in Srinagar
Shikara Rides in Srinagar

House Boat Stay in Srinagar

House Boats are floating mini-hotels on the beautiful lakes of Srinagar. You can have a luxury stay in houseboats. With first-class services, great architecture, and furnishings, these house boats provide a comfortable and luxurious stay. These houseboats serve the best food as well. So, this time instead of booking a hotel for you, experience this unique stay with your loved ones.

House Boats in Srinagar
House Boats in Srinagar

Enjoy the Local Food of Srinagar

Taste the delicious munch of Kashmiri cuisines. Rogan Josh, Modur Pulao, Dum Olav, Yakhni Lamb Curry, Goshtaba, Kahva, Shab Deg, Aab Gosh, Lyader Tschaman, Kashmiri Muji Gaad, Kashmiri Baingan, Matschgand, Sheermal are some of the famous Kashmir-Srinagar dishes to enjoy.

Shopping in Srinagar

Handicraft items have their own uniqueness here. You can buy Rugs, Carpets, Walnut Wood Items, Papier Mache Artifacts, Pashmina Shawls, Antique Silver Jewellery and many other local handmade items.

Places to Visit in Srinagar

Before you visit Srinagar hill station, you must know the popular and most famous places of the valley to visit. Let’s explore the list of famous Srinagar places to visit.

  1. Dal Lake
  2. Tulip Garden
  3. Shalimar Bagh Mughal Garden
  4. Chashma Shahi
  5. Botanical Garden
  6. Jama Masjid
  7. Nishat Bagh
  8. Hari Parbat
  9. Nagin Lake
  10. Manasbal Lake
  11. Doodhpatri
  12. Dachigam National park
  13. Sinthan top
  14. Yousmarg
  15. Shankaracharya Temple
  16. Kheer Bhawani Temple
  17. Hazratbal Shrine
  18. Chatti Padshahi Gurudwara
Pleasant Weather in Srinagar
Pleasant Weather in Srinagar
Tulip Garden Srinagar
Tulip Garden Srinagar
Lake in Srinagar
Lake in Srinagar
Shikara Boating Srinagar
Shikara Boating Srinagar

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