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A Visit to Chandigarh – Famous Places, Family Hangout, Night-out Places

Chandigarh, the city that perfectly blends modern design with nature’s charm, boasts a treasure trove of captivating attractions that cater to a spectrum of interests. From architectural wonders that whisper tales of innovation to tranquil escapes that beckon relaxation, Chandigarh unveils a delightful assortment of experiences perfect for families seeking joyous adventures. Why Chandigarh is

How to Plan your Trip to Srinagar?

You must have visited India’s popular hill stations but if you didn’t travel to Srinagar yet, you actually missed something. Srinagar is among the top 10 hill stations of India. Srinagar has beautiful lakes and scenic parks and gardens which amuse visitors from their hearts. This hill station is also called “Paradise on Earth”, as