Kolkata Travel Guide – Historical Places, Temples, Food, Art Galleries, Shopping

Kolkata Places, Temples, Food, Art Galleries, Shopping

Kolkata, the second largest city of India and the capital of West Bengal is located on the Eastern Bank of the Hooghly River. This city is the financial and commercial hub of Eastern India. This city is also the home of West Bengal’s film industry Tollywood, and many cultural institutions.

What is Famous in Kolkata?

Kolkata is an ancient city of India. Formerly, this city was used to called Calcutta and it was the capital of India under British rule. Kolkata has its own old beauty which attracts tourists to explore more about this historical city. The grand colonial structure and the art galleries of Kolkata give a unique experience of travelling in the city.

10 important things that make Kolkata special and famous are:

  1. Colonial History
  2. Bengali Sweets
  3. Rabindranath Tagore
  4. Temples
  5. Bengali Cuisine
  6. Cultural Museums
  7. Textiles & Crafts
  8. Arts & Culture
  9. Chinatown
  10. Art Galleries

What is Famous in Kolkata to Buy?

Shopping Places in Kolkata

If you are visiting Kolkata and get a chance to roam around Kolkata streets, then your shopping list must include the 10 most popular items, which is the specialty of Kolkata.

  1. The Terracotta Souvenirs showpieces and craft items
  2. The Sholapith Handicrafts
  3. The famous The Conch Shell Bangles of Kolkata
  4. Kantha, Baluchari & Tant Sarees
  5. The Mystical Dokra Craft items
  6. The Immortal Paintings of Kalighat
  7. Kolkata special Bengali Sweets
  8. Jute and Bamboo products
  9. Dokra Craft items
  10. Darjeeling Tea

The most popular places to visits in Kolkata based on Travelers’ Experience

Kolkata, no doubt is a lovely city for travelers to explore and spend time. It has a long list of places to visit. You need at least 6-7 days to explore the whole Kolkata and its special places. If you are on a short trip of 2-3 days, consider visiting these 10 most popular and historical places of Kolkata.

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial Kolkata
Victoria Memorial Kolkata

Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge Kolkata
Howrah Bridge Kolkata

Belur Math

Belur Math Kolkata
Belur Math Kolkata

Marble Palace

Marble Palace Kolkata
Marble Palace Kolkata

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral Kolkata
St. Paul’s Cathedral Kolkata

Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens Kolkata
Eden Gardens Kolkata

Science City Kolkata


Dakshineswar Kali Temple

Nicco Park

The most famous Temples of Kolkata

The unique culture of Kolkata also makes it a religious city. Each of the holy places in Kolkata have their own spiritual importance. The list of 7 most beautiful and famous temples in Kolkata includes:

  1. Kalighat Temple
  2. Birla Mandir
  3. Thanthania Kalibari
  4. Pareshnath Jain Temple
  5. Dakshineshwar Temple
  6. Belur Math
  7. Agni Mandir

Famous Food of Kolkata

The Bengali sweets of Kolkata is the love of everyone. Let’s go through the 10 most famous and traditional dishes of Kolkata.

  1. Macher jhol
  2. Mishti Doi
  3. Kosha Mangsho
  4. Alur Torkari
  5. Luchi
  6. Cholar dal
  7. Shukto
  8. Chomchom
  9. Sandesh
  10. Rasgullas

Romantic Places in Kolkata

There are parks, gardens, lakes, restaurants, fun places and other beautiful places in Kolkata where couples can spend time with each other.

The Romantic Parks and Gardens of Kolkata for Couples

  1. Millennium Park, Kolkata
  2. Rabindra Sarobar, Kolkata
  3. Eco Park, Kolkata
  4. Calcutta Botanical Gardens, Kolkata
  5. Nalban, Kolkata

The Romantic Places in Kolkata for Couples

  1. Prinsep Ghat, Kolkata
  2. Victoria Memorial, Kolkata
  3. Marble Palace Museum, Kolkata

Restaurants in Kolkata for Couples for a Romantic Date

  1. The Bridge, Kolkata
  2. Spice Kraft, Kolkata
  3. Waterside Café, Kolkata

The Fun Places in Kolkata for Couples

  1. Nicco Park, Kolkata
  2. Aquatica Water Park, Kolkata

Art Galleries of Kolkata

Art galleries of Kolkata is the best place to explore Kolkata culture. Find the glimpse of traditional art, beautiful paintings depicting the traditional culture of Kolkata.

  1. Genesis Art Gallery
  2. Aakriti Art Gallery
  3. Galerie 88
  4. Masters Collection Art Gallery
  5. Verandah Art Gallery
  6. Akar Prakar Gallery
  7. Birla Academy of Art & Culture
  8. CIMA Art Gallery
  9. Experimenter Gallery
  10. Chitrakoot Art Gallery

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